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If you had to start over, would you know where to begin?



Insurance Assessment

Would you be able to replace your belongings if disaster struck?
Having homeowner or renter insurance doesn’t mean you’re covered. Most people are underinsured, and most policies don’t cover fine jewelry, art or other precious items unless you insure them specifically.

Evergreen Ally performs detailed policy audits to make sure that your home and belongings are protected. (Evergreen Ally does not sell insurance).

Crisis Preparedness

If an emergency hits, would you know what to do?

Or where to go or what to take with you? Responding to a crisis is equal parts preparation and execution. Evergreen Ally can develop detailed personal data and property inventories so you know you’re prepared and family crisis plans so you’ll know how to react.

Crisis Recovery

If the worst happens, would you know where to start?

Crisis recovery isn’t just emotionally painful, it’s painfully tedious and time consuming. Evergreen Ally is your task-master, project manager and advocate, helping you navigate through the rebuilding process, from securing vital documents and account information to preparing for the insurance claim process.

Caring Transitions

If you have to move your parents to an assisted living environment, how will you manage their accounts, policies and belongings?

An aging parent’s transition to a new residence often happens urgently, and paperwork and asset management is the last thing you want to think about. Evergreen Ally can help you prepare for this transition with compassionate and professional care.


– In 2017 –

Hurricane Harvey destroyed 12,700 homes.

More than 9,500 homes were damaged or destroyed in the California wildfires.



Most of us are unprepared – or underprepared – for events that can turn our lives upside down. You can change that and recover control.

Evergreen Ally was founded to fight the fear, panic and helplessness of property loss. You will receive a thorough, personal and customized action plan – and the confidence and peace of mind that comes with it.


I always start with a family needs assessment and can provide a full suite of services or à la carte audits and plans. Pricing is straightforward. All engagements are covered by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.


Contact me for more information or if you have any questions. 


Property loss can happen to anyone.

Evergreen Ally prepares you for the crisis you hope never comes and helps you recover if it ever does.


We provide a thorough, personal and customized process that leaves you with an action plan, confidence and peace of mind.


Born From Experience

In the middle of the night on October 8, 2017, “Diablo Winds” in Santa Rosa, CA rattled my parents awake. They saw a fire’s orange glow on the horizon and were gone – with their cars, their dog and almost nothing else.  As they drove away, the fire ripped up the hillside and consumed their entire neighborhood. 


The next morning my dad told me “In an hour, everything was gone.” Clothes, furniture, heirlooms, pictures, medicine, passports, account numbers, insurance papers, birth certificates, passwords.  All ash.


Read my dad's first-hand account of the fires at

Evergreen Ally was born from what we all lived through after the Santa Rosa fires. Together, we rebuilt their life, one form, spreadsheet, phone call and letter at a time. My goal was to identify what their insurance covered, discover how to claim it, and fight like hell to get it. In the process, I learned how tedious it is to start from zero.


I know what a passionate advocate can mean to a family in crisis. Learn from my experience what we all should do in an emergency.

~ Beth Rowan


Contact Us


Contact us by email for more information or if you have questions. Or call us at 929-900-6254.

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Beth Rowan, Founder / President

The Guru of Readiness

New York, NY

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