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About Beth Rowan

I worked at iconic brands in the luxury apparel and jewelry sector for more than 20 years – firms like Barneys New York, Anne Klein, Escada, and David Yurman. They all encouraged my passion for quality product, the integrity of branding, and my desire to build sales, profitability, and market share. The art and science of the fashion world was my special talent. For a long time, I loved the wild, hectic craziness that the industry endorsed. 


A few years ago, things began to shift for me. The same goals and objectives were not challenging anymore. I wanted something different – something to matter MORE. But what could draw the same devotion that the fashion world had for so long?  


Well, you know the story about the house that fell from the sky and made a girl follow a new (yellow brick) road? 

In my case, a family tragedy uncovered a new way forward.

My parents’ home was destroyed in the 2017 California wildfires, and the fight to rebuild their lives required some of my best skills. Taking charge, expertise in planning, tenacity, negotiation, uber-organization, and compassion were all necessary for a successful recovery. 


I learned how this detail-intensive process was an exquisite torture for crisis victims. I discovered all the ways that I could prepare people, beforehand, to make recovery easier and shorter. I envisioned a need to PREPARE people, PLAN what they should do "if", and HELP those who live through a crisis. 


That’s my mission now, and Evergreen Ally was born.


You will learn what should be done in the event of a home emergency. Every person and home will be organized and protected at the highest level to provide the quickest and best financial recovery. Each family will have a passionate advocate to guide them through a property loss crisis and a pillar to lean on.

- Beth Rowan, The Guru of Readiness

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