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Reading Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy is Sexy? You Bet!

No, the COVID lockdown has not driven me over the edge. But it has changed our perspectives about how disruptive our lives can get and what truly is important to our well-being.

Bread-making, gardening, and Marie-Kondo-ing the whole house have been the new turn-ons most shared since the pandemic has hit.   Your wife is baking sourdough? Ravish her on the counter.   Your neighbor is growing tomatoes? Wow, how nice he looks with a tan.   Watching an Instagram story about cleaning out the attic?  Go ahead, put your Tinder profile in the comments. So why can’t understanding your insurance protections be seductive? It’s not obvious, surely, but there can be something very attractive about covering your risks and protecting your loved ones. These months sequestered in our homes has brought to light how uncertain things can get very quickly.  We are desiring stability and that which makes us feel safer. We work very hard to create the homes and legacies for our families to enjoy. Yet we leave so much of that at risk because we haven’t found the time or didn’t consider it fun to learn more about what holes exist in the foundation of our planning.   Believe me, I understand.  When I sat down almost three years ago to read my parents’ homeowners policy, seducing someone wasn’t on my mind.  Helping rebuild their lives after a fire destroyed their home was. Many people know some aspects of their policy declarations page, but few have read and understand the detail.   What I discovered from reading the entire policy gave us power and choices.   We could steer my parents’ claim instead of just going along for the ride.  And get the maximum reimbursement a lot faster than they were quoted. Isn’t that kind of hot? Changing our mindset and gaining confidence in our security can prove to be thrilling. 

  • What are the perils NOT covered by your homeowner’s insurance and what do you have in place to manage those?  

  • Do you understand what you are responsible for doing when damage occurs, and when you want reimbursement?

  • What amount of loss are you willing to accept?

If you know the answers to questions like these, great. You rock!   Isn’t it empowering to understand what you have at risk in order to make changes?  Don’t know the answers but are not convinced that an insurance policy read is up there with the gardening? Fair enough.  Contact your insurance broker for an insurance check-up. Or consult with an Emergency Preparedness expert so you can have some peace of mind.

 Let’s talk. Beth Rowan, owner of Evergreen Ally, customizes Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery plans.  Know what to do, keep your family & belongings safeguarded, and reduce financial loss. Expect Peace of Mind.

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